What Is The Cyclescheme?

Cyclescheme is a hire agreement that helps you save money on an electric bikes and accessories.

This initiative is available to employees of participating organisations and businesses. The scheme lets you choose and pay for your chosen e-bike and accessories through a mechanism known as ‘salary sacrifice’. This allows you to spread the cost over a set period of time using tax-efficient deductions, saving you between 25-42% on your purchases depending on how much tax you pay.  

In a nutshell, a set amount of money is taken out of your salary to put towards your new e-bike! This reduces the amount of tax that you pay, leaving more money in your pocket! 

How do I buy a ebike with Cyclescheme?

To benefit from Cyclescheme, your employer needs to be a participating member. After this, there are four easy steps to buy from e-Ryde using Cyclescheme: 

1. Get your employer code

Contact your employer’s HR department to receive an employer Cyclescheme code – this code proves that your employer is part of the scheme.

2. Choose your Ryde

Select your desired bike from our range

3. Request A Cyclescheme certificate

Visit to request a certificate using your employer’s Cyclescheme code.

4. Check out

Using this certificate and the redemption code, check out on the e-Ryde website and redeem your certificate on the payment page. Please make sure your certificate matches your total basket.

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