5 Cycling to work tips

Covid-19 has shaken the world and it shows no signs of going away just yet. However, since workers have returned to the office, cycling levels in the UK have risen by up to 300 per cent on some days, according to Department for Transport data, as people seek alternatives to travelling via public transport.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has announced plans to overhaul London’s streets to allow cycling to increase tenfold. Together with Transport for London (TfL), Khan set out an agenda to work with boroughs to allow the rapid construction of a strategic cycling network.

Cycling to work has always been popular in the capital, with more people commuting by bike. This is driven by a greater sense of health and wellbeing and supported by initiatives such as Cycle to Work which paved the way for the many other cycle schemes.

Even when a vaccine for Covid-19 is found, the popularity of cycling will remain as city dwellers appreciate the new, healthier way of life and flexible approach to commuting. So here are 5 tips to help you commute to work…

Try the cycle route out in your free time

First things first, test your route out before you’re going back to work. One of the biggest obstacles can be uncertainty of what your route is going to be like: is it a flat terrain throughout? Do you need to go off-road during it? Testing out your route on a quieter day where people are feeling less pressure to get to their destination is a great way to get a feel for the roads and what you’ll be passing every day!

Guard against the elements

Check out this cycle map, leisure routes and Cycleways for your essential journeys.

Wet roads + wheels = mud. The result? You’re a soggy mess. Mudguards are the best way to prevent mud on your work clothes and, especially for commutes, they’re a no-brainer. Tested by many professional riders, the Zefal Deflector Lite M Upgrade Fender/Mudguard protects the rider through the front-mounting and the shock-rear-mounting.

Always take spare clothes to work

If you are riding to work and need to use the facilities upon arrival, it’s a great idea to carry spare clothes with you. Think about it, if you get caught in the rain or have a very wet cycle commute it’s going to be so distracting and uncomfortable spending the rest of the working day in soggy clothes! You will feel more comfortable at work in fresh clothes. Pro-tip: if you have a short commute, cycle slower so you don’t have to change your clothes!

Go at your own pace

Remember you can start this new commute any time you like. Pick a day where there is a less pressure to be in at a certain time. Avoid a day with a big deadline or important meeting in the morning. If you can, ask your boss for a little flexibility on when you can arrive to work on your first cycling day as you never know what will happen!

Try go for afternoon meetings

There’s no denying that meetings are a big part of office life. Whilst you unfortunately cannot avoid them altogether, you can try work around them. Our final tip to you is when arranging meetings always try go for a later time, the later the better! Mornings can be unpredictable, you may accidentally sleep in one morning or run into some unexpected traffic. Keep the morning free to make up time or chill from your commute in.

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